Hi, Welcome !

Criss Cross Tamizh is a team of 6 members, who are working together for the past 2 years on various topics ranging from documentaries, fun content to explainers. We thrive towards to quality over quantity, we have numerous customers who find us through our work on YouTube under the channel Criss Cross Tamizh. From a overnight idea to now we have worked with industry-leading professionals in video making, content writing and designed multiple online shops that helped lots of small businesses to go online. Our industry professionals have worked on more than 150 video projects and 120+ articles in both English and Tamizh. We are very hopeful to help you in helping you to improve your video productions and business via our service, reach out to us by filling the contact form or mail us at [email protected] or [email protected]

Our Vision

Internet for ALL

Our Criss Cross Tamizh has one unified goal of creating an online infrastructure for all small and new businesses, which will improve the quality of the business and increase the opportunity beyond the limits of borders and reach. We vision a future where every business that is in our locality will one day have their own website and online presence to help them achieve their goals easily. Criss Cross Tamizh’s team aims to provide low-cost and effective business solutions to many uneducated middle class and under educated people about the business opportunity existing in the internet.

Our Mission

Establishing our services

Criss Cross Tamizh’s team eyes on expanding the growth and reach of the services to a broader and vast space than what is currently now. We are aiming on creating business solutions for hundreds of small businesses by end of the next year that currently doesn’t have the access and reach of the ones who do have the presence online. Join hands with us in providing an equal and fair online infrastructure to all people with creative skills and experiences.

People First

We choose people over profit.