Google Search Console – Everything you need to know!

Google is the world’s topmost company in America. It is an international multinational technology company for internet users. People search everything on the Internet, so Google will stand out as long as there is a need for searches. Google Search Console is one of the parts of Google’s application. Google Search console once it was called, Google Webmaster Tool.  In January 2018, Google brought a new edition of the quest console, with changes to the consumer interface. In September of 2019, vintage Search Console reports, which include the home and dashboard pages, had been deleted by Google. 

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Usage of Google Search Console:

Google Search Console is a webmaster tool. The Bloggers or the Article writers have an idea of writing. They may write brainstorm content for their blog post. But, How will the post be read by the people who will help to read the relevant topics in the search list? How does the internet show the searched topics into the list in Google? These questions also have an answer. The keywords played a huge role in Search Console. The keywords played a role in the bridge between People and the Blogger. 

Google Search Console used a tool of internet users, to get the blog post, top of the list. There are millions of bloggers and blog posts on the internet. But some of the blog posts have unique content or the post may be interesting to read by people. Whether the topic or the content is good or bad or it may be excellent but how do the people get it? They click it and get it, the click is an essential one of the CTR, to make an impression for that, Google Search Console use for the people and the Blogger.

The Features of this tool of Google Search Console:

If you are a blogger, or you have a wish to write an article, you might know about Google Search Console and the tools of Webmaster. Once people have done their writing, they have to publish their Articles or Blog Posts. After their publishing, People should click their posts, for that the Blogger uses some kinds of tools from Google Search Console. Let you know about the contribution of Google Search Console in Blogging, a blogger or a writer should do some kind of thing to make their blogpost top of the search list, they were,

  1. Sitemap
  2. Googlebot
  3. Google Analytics to get to know the Website users rate.
  4.  Have to check the Robotical.txt 
  5.  Using Keywords
  6. The site URL
  7. The site Domain
  8. Provide get entry to an API to add, trade, and delete listings and listing crawl errors.
  9. Checking the security issues of the site
  10. Google Search console added and developed featured breadcrumbs and AMP to provide ultimate assistance to the customers.

Search Console offers facts on how Google crawls, indexes, and serves websites. This can assist website owners to reveal and optimize Search overall performance. Google Search Console additionally has a feature referred to as the URL Inspection Tool. 

Now you may be clear about the Google Search Console and How people will use it, and why it is important for the Blog Post.

From this post, you may get familiarized with Google Search Console.

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